Ongoing activity?: 


In April the PAU Education got in contact with me to participate as an actress and children entertainer in the "Piccolingo in action" event in Milan, held on June 19th 2011 and sponsored by the Province of Milan.
The goal of this workshop was to focus on the importance of learning foreign languages at an early age.

A few days after, I wrote the play “Giramondo" in which the pinwheel Le Bonheur and a girl with red hair named Gio travel around Europe.
At the highlights of the trip I used different words in various languages, inspired by the popular song "Brother John".
The itinerary through Europe, the images evoked by my words and the scene all came to life thanks to the scenography in book form that I made specifically for the show.
In this “show – journey” the children discovered different habits, specific ways of saying, and they experienced the process of learning a foreign language through a simple play by themselves .

During this day, I also attended an artistic workshop in connection with the show. In particular, I invented different games from various countries with the use of different languages. Finally, I followed the children in the realization of the designs for the final drawing competition of "Piccolingo in Action".